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    Minimum 7 out of 10 children

Asynchronous Online Course for Healthy Eating Habits

30-45 min per week, 9 weeks in total. First session for Parents, rest for children

A course your child can complete in his own time and space

Your child gains "right eating habits" step by step whilst having fun!

  • Enjoyable learning through five senses, practice, art, physical and a wide variety of fun activities

  • Nutrition without "prohibiting", main meal/snack balance, food label reading, sustainability, building blocks of nutrition, food groups, important tips for parents and more

  • Just 30-45 minutes a week, 9 weeks in total. First session for parents, rest for children

Prof. Dr. Taylan Kumeli

Professor Kumeli has started Kids in the Kitchen Project with the aim of educating children about nutrition with her "healthy eating and nutritional behaviour change workshops" for age group 5 - 11. Following the uniqueness and success of the workshops, private and public schools included her course in the curriculum. She had continued the same work under the brand of "Kids in the Kitchen" within the Ministry of National Education until the Pandemic has started in 2020. It has been five years since the kick off and now Kids in the Kitchen is expanding globally with the online learning tool to access millions of audience.


“Reduced packaged food consumption at his own discretion.”

Alp's Mum

“She says chocolate is something to eat once in a while and is not as insistent as she used to be before your course.”

Defne's Mum

“It was my favourite learning, thank you.”


“He thinks he should also eat the vegetables he doesn't like and adds he should eat 5 spoons.”

Mete's Mum

“He started to try foods such as oats, kefir and avocado.”

Omer's Mum

“He reads sugar content on the food labels and tries not to consume those with high sugar content.”

Ulas' Mum

We are a big family now!

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